I'm a girl's girl.
I believe in equal opportunities for women and much like Beyonce I stand firm on responding, "Girls" when asked "Who run the world?"

I'm a fan girl of self-made "it" girl scenarios and I'm quickly learning the path to self fulfillment and "it girl-ness" is within your own reach. Don't be misled, by "it" girl I don't mean celebrity, but rather a girl who's in control of her dreams and her success. I admire this special kind of woman - who is the dreamer and creator of her own dreams. Why not believe in your dreams as crazy as they may seem? (The crazier the more rewarding!)

I'm personally experiencing the stage in my life where dreams seem highly attainable (with hard work to back it up) and I know they are achievable every time I look to inspiration such as the ladies in my montage above. Nothing makes these girls any different than us but their proven success stories. Did Sophia Amoruso ever think she'd be the head of a top grossing, fashion e-commerce site? Who would have told Lena Dunham she'd have one of the most successful TV shows on HBO's programming after being rejected as an extra on one of their previous shows? Who would have thought a blog about a girl dressing outlandishly odd and sometimes masculine would pave way for the birth of one of the most successful blogs in the nation? And how easy does Miroslava make being one of the top fashion icons/editor and a mother of a baby boy?

It's all attainable, these girls are the proof and the pudding is success.