ohh so sartorial

If you’re an avid blog follower, it’s no surprise to you that fashion posts have taken the internet by swarm. Now, if you’re anything like me, you have a set of the top 10 fashion blogs you religiously visit bookmarked on your computer, you know the blog authors on a first name basis (even though you’ve never met any of them), and you can spot someone on the street and immediately trace back to your cyber inspiration and say, “that’s so (insert favorite blogger of choice here)”. In following these blogs and monitoring my compulsive-blog-visiting behavior, I’ve decided on a new way to express my fashion inspiration - from the eyes of a spectator. As a photographer, I naturally find more comfort in being behind the camera so I've decided to begin documenting girls whose style I find impeccable and very inspired.

Drumroll please… thus announcing the birth of new Ohh Snap fashion posts, dubbed "Ohh So Sartorial" - hooray!

Stay tuned for some great posts...