the french fish

This past weekend I had a friend's wedding to go to and I was breaking my head on what to do with my hair. Although I'm at a wedding the majority of my weekends, the times I get to go as a guest (not photographer) and dress up are very seldom. So, I decided on a fishtail braid – which looks so lovely on any kind of hair and is so effortlessly glam. I’ve tried doing it to myself before but that’s just a nightmare so I asked my friend Karina to give it a whirl, because she can french braid her own hair without even looking in the mirror and if she can do that, well she can conquer any braid. And, she did! I googled “fishtail updo’s” and got the idea to add a french braid to the back of my head leading into the fishtail. We decided to keep my hair in a ponytail and wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie to avoid the braids falling apart.

The hair do was a hit and it lasted the entire night. Who says braids can't be mixed cohesively?