if the shoe fits

I had been eyeing these beautiful, red-orange, suede, sandal-platform - must have or I'll regret not buying - shoes on the Zara website for days. I bookmarked them on my computer, as I usually do with most things I want, to keep the impulse buyer in me from winning the battle.

A few days and frequent visits to the Zara site later, I decided these shoes had to be mine and I ordered them.

CUT TO... Today.

Shoes arrive! I rummage through the packaging and eagerly open them. I had them delivered to my parent's house and as I was putting them on, my mom said, "These are a size 10? They look like they run small." I tried them on and felt a sudden surge of disappointment as I noticed they were quite precise (mother knows best huh?) and by the looks of it not a good fit. I then checked the Zara site to sadly realize a size 10 is the largest size they carry.

Now what? I've manically tried on the shoes a handful of times in attempts of convincing myself they fit, but I'm leaning more towards returning them. Why couldn't they be the perfect fit? Sigh.

Debate at hand is whether or not to return these puppies. I realize this sounds like a pretty petty discussion but I'm hoping you guys think they look alright and I get to keep these bad boys after all.

It seems Cinderella's step sisters and I have something in common, after all.