Ohh so sartorial - Krisp


I'm very excited to share my first-ever male sartorial post, featuring the guys of Krisp. A few weeks ago, Annie Vazquez and I joined forces to collaborate on a story featuring Krisp (an up and coming Miami band with a great sound, style and a solid local following).

The day of the shoot the guys came ready with three different looks to be photographed in:
1. Performance Gear: Don't these outfits scream rolling-stone-dance-party?! Hence the action shots I made the guys do. This look is composed of tops that (believe it or not) belong to their girlfriends. It takes a very confident group of men to wear girl's clothing articles and be able to pull it off and these guys surely do!

2. Thrift & Vintage finds: Who doesn't love a good thrift find? This look features some of the guy's fave thrift finds. I love how color coordinated the outfits are, while keeping true to their own looks.

3. Everyday Wear: This look is based on what you would find the guys in on a daily basis, when they're not performing. The yellow shirt on band member Juan reads "Taha family reunion", which was designed by the band and worn on a performance as a quirky homage to their manager, Dean Taha.

We asked and the band confessed their secret to such great styling... their girlfriends! The lovely ladies thrift high and low to be able to give the band the it look they need. Not only do they make the guys look super cool, but check out how cute they all look in their everyday wear. Including them in our shoot was definitely a must!

The story and pictures ran on Miami.com, click here for story and here for link directly to a slideshow of some images.