Off Duty

kg3wedkg2wedInstagram face close-up: Thank you Sandy for making my face and hair look so flawless :) kg4wed This weekend I attended a wedding as a guest, instead of a photographer (last time I was a guest was in September 2011). I like to get all dressed up when given the opportunity and I took the chance to do so this Saturday, except for one minor detail... I couldn't find a dress or shoes I liked till Saturday, the day of.

No, I'm not that bad of a procrastinator. I'm just very picky about what works/looks good on my body. I had initially purchased a dress at Nordstrom but when trying it on at home I noticed it was too big. Luckily, I found this dress at a local boutique and it worked perfectly for what I had in mind. I loved that it was elegant, yet young and vintage looking. After I found the dress, I ran to the mall like a mad woman in search of colorful shoes to give the outfit a pop of color. I found these pumps at Nine West from their Boutique 9 collection (conveniently matching my nails and lipstick).

Congratulations to Jessica & Jason! We had so much fun at their wedding and I caught the bouquet. (Years of watching bouquets thrown around has given me an eye for strategy, lol.)

*Pictures taken by my boyfriend whom I love so much even though he hates playing photog ;)