Fall Makeup with Chanel

Last week I shared my experience previewing Saks' Fall trends here, but today I get to share what I learned from Chanel makeup specialist, Jossy. I love makeup, I really do, but there's something so intimidating about makeup when you don't know the proper techniques and products that work best for your complexion. Lucky for me, Jossy filled me on some great products and tips.

*I apologize for the image quality, pics taken with my iphone ch1 ch-1
1. Makeup base - hydrates and evens out skin tones for a fresh look. ch-2
2. Hydrates puffy eyes and superficial lines. ch-3
3. Smooths visible lines and protects skin with SPF 15. Daily use recommended to avoid press and damage and prevent lines and wrinkles. ch-44. Skin primer - adds contour and radiance. ch2Jossy and me after my Chanel mini makeover.

Fall makeup trends to look out for: shimmery, natural lips and dark eyes - or vice versa - dark lips and shimmery eyes will do the trick.

Thank you Saks, Chanel & Jossy for a great day!