mental notes in action

I’m a firm believer that inspiration can be found everywhere. I find inspiration in the oddest things and I make mental notes (like a human rolodex) of people, places, outfits, architecture, locations… you name it. The shoot I did with Jacqui came together from inspirations and notes I had gathered.

Here’s a look at how it all worked out in my head and eventually came to life:

Location: About two years ago, I visited this location when I went to a house party with friends. I remember going up some stairs and into a warehouse filled with people, instruments, music and drinks. Immediately, I was mesmorized by the fact that we were in a warehouse, but someone actually lived there and it looked so cool. I started glancing around the large room and made mental notes of cool photo worthy areas. This warehouse/home was so awesome, that two years later I still had it in mind.
Mental note made – need to shoot there!

Look: I love shooting anything music related, maybe it’s the Annie Leibowitz fan in me, but music photography moves me. I book marked an editorial shoot I saw in a magazine, where the girl had a very cool rockstar vibe, but still looked very classy and not grunge.
Mental note made – need to shoot something like that!

Model: Jacqui has been a friend of mine for years and recently launched her singing side business therefore she needed pictures to promote herself. Not only is her voice amazing but she’s beautiful and music is really her passion.
Mental note made – Jacqui would make a great model!

Makeup: I have a folder full of cat eye makeup inspirations that I simply swoon for. I love the juxtaposition of a soft face with bold eye make up. So 1960’s and so lovely.
Mental note made – must art direct a cat eye makeup look!

Outfit: Vintage sequin top that I owned and had never used had to somehow make a photo appearance.
Mental note made – use top in a shot!

After all these mental notes, I realized that Jacqui needed pictures, her boyfriend is coincidently friends and bandmates with the warehouse tenant and the rest is history.

Thank you Alex for letting us shoot in your home :)

Hair and makeup by the extremely talented: Sandy Lee
Styling by: Jacqui & Me
Photography by: Me