ta-da locks

After about eight years of non-dye hair, I finally decided to spruce up my look and give my locks some color. I decided to go with the "ombre" look because I love the way it looks on celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Rachel Bilson and Giulana Rancic. Hair and makeup maven - Sandy Lee did an amazing job and gave me just the right color, not too blonde and not too dark. Just perfect!
I've been wearing my hair down a lot since the new color because I think it looks nicest with flowy waves. I have been using the curling iron to get the effortless wave look but sometimes it looks better on the second day, rather than the day of. Coincidentally, Sandy did my hair and makeup this weekend and let me in on the secret to such nice waves... the magic wand curler. Ta-da! Needless to say, I already ordered myself one and cannot wait to do this to myself.

& here's a fun pic of Sandy Lee, me & Kristy of Kristina Ashley Swimwear
Next on the agenda - how to keep people from asking if I'm wearing hair extensions. (I'm not ;)