Draper influence

Inspiration photos via pinterest

I jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon four seasons too late to understand what all the hoopla was about till about two months ago when I stumbled across the show on my Netflix account and watched all of them back-to-back. I was immediately addicted. The outfits, the sets, the music, the entire aesthetic of the 50's era... obsessed. I did my research and found some inspirational photos and stored them away till the right shoot opportunity came about, and it did.

I work for Unique Design Studios, based in Miami, and we are a lifestyle and wedding photo studio. Luckily, we have the coolest clients ever who are willing to up the ante and allow us to take their shoots to another "unique" level. Meeting the couple and getting to know their personalities immediately triggered the Mad Men addiction in my head. We spoke about the theme and collectively decided to do it (it's a magical feeling when your client is totally in on one of your ideas.)

The images above depict exactly what I was aiming for. I got my hands on a 1953 issue of Life Magazine and used it as a prop. (Coincidentally, the back cover had a Lucky Strike ad making it the perfect, suttle Don Draper touch).

Check out the engagement shoot I did with this amazing couple - Here! and for a slideshow fix of the shoot, click here.