ohh so sartorial - annie

Occupation: Fashion Writer, Author of TheFashionPoet.com & Stylist
Style best described as: Eclectic, Moody, Experimental & Forever Evolving
Personal style mantra: My mantra is wear what makes you smile, step out of the box & create your own look. Some people might raise an eyebrow at your wardrobe choice and others might celebrate your selection, but in the end when you slip something on and you take one look in the mirror and your heart jumps with excitement that is all the matters. That is the defining moment when a piece of your soul peeks out, shining & says hey, world this is me like it or not. It's all about self confidence really.

Asking Annie to shoot her for this post was a no brainer! The girl has got style and she's not afraid to use it. Her name itself, Annie Vazquez, is synonymous with all things Miami, fashion, and glam as she covers the in's and out's of what's hott and writes for numerous publications. Her name is no stranger to the byline of an article and I feel her sense of style and independence add all the credibility to her work. I'm a huge fun of her vision and the way she carries herself. Annie is the kind of girl you see at a party or event and immediately say, "Damn, that girl's outfit is awesome. I wish I had the courage to wear that" yet she does and executes flawlessly. I simply love the way her style reflects her mood and not only wow's spectators but empowers her to feel beautiful and amazing.

Hair & Makeup by: Sandylee