Fashion blogger pow-wow!

sohopanel*picture via the lovely Electric Blogarella, that's me 3rd from the left

Monday night I had the pleasure of sitting alongside a very talented and driven group of ladies, as we hosted the Miami Fashion Blogger's Panel at Soho Beach House. Sitting front of the class and speaking to the lady guests (and men) was a very cool experience. Not only did I get to learn more about my fellow panelists (and virtual friends, we - now openly - stalk each other), but it was pretty neat to gain insight from questions that were asked to us. Like I mentioned at the panel, sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who reads what I write (and my mom, ha!), but then you realize how someone mentions something solely from a post and you then know... there's an audience out there and they like me! During our pow-wow sesh, we shared our experiences, we learned about each other, we learned about our audience, and we laughed (or maybe, everyone just laughed at me, the class clown superlative recipient of the night). Most importantly, we came together and empowered each other. I think there's something so cool about like-minded professionals joining forces to build a movement. Women inspiring women (and men), to be better and go for the blogging gold (or coveted shoes).

Even though, I'm fairly new at this blogging game, I do feel I've learned a lot about myself and what does and doesn't work - so here's my advice to all aspiring/current bloggers:
- Be yourself: Those who were present at the panel can attest to my personality, they got to see the real me, overly chatty and funny. Don't worry about fitting the mold of other bloggers, be yourself and find your voice - that will set you apart.
- Share quirky facts/anecdotes that will make your readers feel like they know you: I get it, it's the internet and you don't want people to get all creepy and act like they know you when they see you, when they really don't (make sense?) but, you do want loyal followers who come back to your cyber goods because they feel like you inspire and "get" them.
- Design and aesthetics is a must(!!!): The eye wants to see things that are aesthetically pleasing, therefore, keep your site neat and organized. Make sure that your posts flow cohesively and your images are the same sizes all throughout. (With my first version of this blog, I had a very inconsistent - big, little, big, little picture posting format, which didn't flow so well). If your blog looks like a hot mess, chances are people will think you are too. Perception is reality, so represent yourself at your best.

Most importantly, support each other! This is a growing movement we're creating here, no need for catty banter, keep it real and supportive.