Nine West gets Social

*Images via Nine West

Before discovering I had a skill in photography, I went to school for/worked in public relations, marketing and advertising. While most people glance through ads rather quickly and pay mind solely to the product, I take heed to the messaging, typography, copy, photography and target audience. (I realize this is a pretty geeky way of viewing an ad but I can't help but to pin point these things).

I went through all these motions while digitally (giving the iPad magazine thing a whirl) flipping through the pages of Vogue's latest issue (April 2012)as I spotted this Nine West campaign.
This is how it played out in my head:
- Love the maxi skirts in motion!
- I need these shoes!
- Is that a twitter status as copy? That's clever.
- Wow, is this really Nine West?
- Nine West is getting cool.

Call me crazy, but I never thought of Nine West as a "cool" brand. Yes, they unarguably make nice shoes but I would never compare them to the likes of Jeffrey Campbell or Dolce Vita, till now.

I did some research and found this messaging from their press materials that proved my thinking to be accurate:
Spring 2012 advertising campaign, depicting a girl’s weekend getaway in Miami, takes cues from the current digital and social age by incorporating a more voyeuristic approach to the concept, photography and styling.

Nine West features 4 key spring trends – Glitter, Silver, Floral & Brights – which will include Twitter hashtags that speak to each trend in the campaign:

No I am not sponsored by Nine West nor is this a sponsored post, fact is: I was truly impressed by their social tactics, messaging and street style photography approach. The campaign was shot at the Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, Miami by Photographer Marcus Gaab, which hits closer to home for me because this is something I myself dream of doing one day. Most impressive of all, NW understands the impact fashion bloggers have in making their product a hit and they are linking up with some of my daily reads:Keiko Lynn, Honestly WTF, Saucy Glossie, and Song of Style.

Thanks for keeping it real with Miami and the fashionista girls of the Internet.