I pleat, the fifth

Considering today is actually the fifth and this post is about my new obsession with pleated anything, I thought I'd get a little witty with you and title this post as so. (Little did you know, I was actually given the "Ms. Wit" award during my new member period in my sorority, ha!)

Okay, enough about me and how funny I am.

While style stalking yesterday, I made a quick stop at Zara and returned the suede red-orange shoes that didn't fit. I like to call them "the shoes that never were"... mine.

Naturally, I did some retail therapy to make me feel better about my skis, I mean feet, that didn't make the Zara shoe size cut. I found these beau-ti-ful pleated, flowy, pants that fit great and can easily make you feel dressy while keeping cool and comfortable.

Check out all these amazing pleated pieces Zara is carrying. I swear I want them all, might just have to go back and get another fix!

*all images via zara
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