Fake Frivolity Site Launches

DSC_1872_massive feb3GWP08_massive lacewithme02_massive DSC_1926_massive midnightblues01_massive*All images via Fake Frivolity

The lovely duo from The Goodwill Project never cease to amaze me with their knack for making old clothes look so damn good. If you follow Eugy and Simonett's blog, you already know they wipe out a Goodwill like no one else could and you also know their style is impeccable.

Can't make your own shorts look this good? Have no fear, the girls have officially launched their online shop selling the most good-looking DIY shorts a girl can buy (and affordable too). All shorts are a product of their trips to thrift stores and Goodwill, then taken through a major fashion overdrive to make them look so beautifully coveted.

Lovin' the look and the witty tag line: We used to be mom jeans.

Congrats girls! xo