Opposites Attract - MTLSF 3

IMG_6983lo IMG_6979lo IMG_7008lo IMG_7005lo IMG_7028lo IMG_7038lo IMG_7059lo*Miami: Through the Lens of Street Fashion - Week 3

We also shot this look in Coral Gables. The minute I knew Annie was incorporating some floral action, I immediately thought of shooting at this pretty location. My co-worker and I spotted this location a few weeks back while on a photo shoot. I was assisting her that day, but I knew I had to go back and shoot there for this project. I'll admit, I didn't really think Annie would be able to pull off florals and polka dots. But, she did and flawlessly.

Shot in: Coral Gables (across the Hyatt Regency on Alhambra)

Annie is wearing: Goodwill blazer and purse, Forever 21 denim top and polka dot shorts, Steve Madden shoes.