Living Young

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This weekend my boyfriend and a group of our friends became world record setters. No seriously, we did. Evian hosted the coolest event at Collins Park to get people active and skating on World Health Day while celebrating Evian's motto - Live young. I was one of the lucky local bloggers to receive a complimentary pair of the sweetest white and pink skates from Evian as a formal invite to the event (and who could say no to skates and a good time). We had a great time skating and taking pics in the photo booth. I'm such a sucker for photo booths! I crash them everywhere I go, it's tradition. The conga line, world record setting moment was pretty fun too. My best friend almost broke the shorts off my body while holding for dear life but it was worth the laughs. I'm happy to report none of us fell and we all set the record for longest conga line on skates, roller skates. I also got to snap this pic with Gabrielle Union (sweetest girl ever).
Great event Evian! #Liveyoung