Skate & Do the Conga, literally

My Miami peeps, looking for something different to do on a Saturday afternoon? Well, look no further and read the flyer above.

No but really - speaking of brands that are cool, Evian just got way cooler in my book. Little do they know, but a beach-side skating event is all I could ever wish for and then some. Growing up I spent all my weekends at the skating rink and I love me a good time with some four wheelers (quads, that is). I'll be heading out with my boyfriend (we equally love skating so much) and a group of friends. So excited to attend this awesome record-setting, skate party!

Can't wait to see what people will be wearing to the event! I predict a lot of neon, high socks and retro-inspired looks (excited to capture these).
*Many thanks to Jodie for sending me the cutest white and pink skates!