Celeb Fashion Crush - Ashley Madekwe

Last night I watched the season finale of Revenge - by far one of my favorite shows on TV right now (next to Mad Men, of course). Revenge = a cast of good looking actors, a fabulous plot/storyline and all the nail-biting suspense you could take. I mean really, what's there not to love?

The show's stylish ensembles don't lag behind either. The women dress so impeccably crisp and tailored and they look so great in their outfits. Ashley Madekwe, who plays underdog/villain "Ashley" on the show, is one of the best dressed characters and naturally also a fashion blogger! I've been following Ashley's site for a few months now and I am really diggin' her style. If Ashley and I were friends, we'd probably fight about who bought what first because I love everything she wears. She seems like such a cool, fun-loving girl and I really admire her for sharing her outfit inspirations with her fans.

These are some of my favorite looks. I would wear everything she's wearing, twice. ash5ash4ash3ash6ash1*all images via Ashley Madewke - Ring My Bell