Krystal Bick in Miami

IMG_0767lo IMG_0783lo IMG_0780lo IMG_0809lo IMG_0843lo IMG_0823lo Krystal and I, loads of fun: photoloWhat happens when one of your top 5 favorite bloggers comes to your city, is at arm's distance from you and you can't help but introduce yourself in hopes of a good instagram photo opp? Well, in this case, much more.

I have been following Krystal Bick's blog for about two years now and I am a loyal fan and patron of her site. Long story short, I introduced myself to Krystal on Thursday night at the Soho Beach House - Style Saves event. I also took the opportunity to make Krystal feel welcome in Miami and asked her if she wanted to collaborate on an outfit post. Krystal said yes, and the rest is history.

We shot two looks and I'm so thrilled I got to know Krystal. Not only is she an inspiration and so successful at what she does, but she's way cool and down to earth. It was definitely another great moment this Miami Swim Week had in store.

I can't wait to visit San Fran and have the insider tour from her! (Trip planning coming soon, I promise KB.) Check out Krystal's blog here!