MTLSF 19 - Garage Dreams

IMG_2483lo IMG_2419lo IMG_2434lo IMG_2501lo IMG_2472lo IMG_2503lo IMG_2417lo IMG_2512lo*Miami: Through the Lens of Street Fashion - Week 19

Styling/Modeling: Annie Vazquez - Photography & Art Direction: Karla Garcia

While we're usually known to feature a destination or a landmark within our MTLSF project, this time we decided to focus on a different aspect and honed in on the story while in route. Miami is not a city that is known for its public transport but we still thought it would be neat to explore our city's public transportation system via buses and metro rails.

We drove up to this garage at the Kendall metro rail station to bring you a tiny vignette of what our ideal/stylish working professional looks like while getting ready to hop on a train and take care of business.

Don't you just love the amber lighting from the garage? I was completely drawn to it.

Annie is wearing: Marc Jacobs dress, laptop case & iPhone case, Steve Madden shoes