American Girl - MTLSF 2

IMG_7126lo IMG_7123lo IMG_7109lo IMG_7097lo IMG_7135lo IMG_7190lo IMG_7149lo IMG_7186lo IMG_7171lo*Miami: Through the Lens of Street Fashion - Week 2

I simply love this outfit Annie put together. The moment I saw it I knew we had to shoot somewhere that would compliment the red and blue hues of her Americana look. Like most of my photography location finds, I drive around the area and scout in hopes of organically finding something that works (this is exactly how we found this brick wall). The moment I realized the sun was perfectly peaking through her hair, I knew this was the spot!

Shot in: Coral Gables

Annie is wearing:
Forever21 top, belt and dress, Steve Madden pumps, Maya Brenner State necklace, Gucci vintage bag.