A somewhat diary post of social (media) encounters

Ana and I arrived at the Webster at about 3:45pm to attend The Sartorialist's book signing at The Webster. The event was scheduled to start at 4, so Ana went inside to purchase her copy of Scott's book while I stayed outside capturing a few street style shots. Meanwhile, a yellow cab pulled up almost directly behind my subject and led me to glance over. Voila, it was Scott and Garance - cabbing it. As I looked over, I realized that was my moment to capture a candid, street style shot of the two of them but I was in somewhat of a starstruck trance - minus the outward freaking out part. I continued to shoot my girl (mid squat and full game face on) as I glanced over at Garance and we quickly made eye contact followed by a mutual smirk. It felt as if she was giving me her stamp of approval and I was giving her my "Omg, it's really you guys" face. (Or at least that's what I hope to imagine she was thinking.) kg1websterWe went in at about 3:55pm and the signing promptly began on the first floor of the beautiful Webster's lobby. We waited in line while snapping some pics (books in hand), drinking complimentary mojitos and all while devising a plan on who would snap the instagram pic and who would shoot with the DSLR. (Ana & Angeles, what fun we had!)
DSC_3645lo The book signing was pretty intimate and very organized - we only waited in line for about ten minutes max (props to the Webster on such a well oiled event). When it was my turn, I approached Scott and Garance and did a mini OMG, happy dance. Why not? I shook their hands and told them how inspirational they both are to me and my work. I also told me how I'm one of the few street style photogs in Miami and (bold move alert) gave them my card should they ever need any Miami assistance (wishful thinking). Garance joked about how she rather see my face on the card rather than my camera girl cartoon and then they signed my book. Scott barely spoke but was very sweet, nodding and smiling a few times. On my way out, Garance told me to "keep up my work" and my book signing experience was complete! DSC_3651lo DSC_3652lo Then we met Leandra Medine - The Man Repeller herself - who was either too tired from Basel outings or just very shy and introvert in person. We really wanted her to be outgoing and tell us that her Vagina gives us a high five (she speaks in Vagina terminology) but to our disappointment she was just very quiet and probably annoyed by having to take a picture with two complete strangers and the other girl after us. IMG_4222loPost Man Repeller encounter, we were standing around and Ana spotted this photographer man also taking street style pics. Ana:"Karla, I think he's a famous photographer, go talk to him." So I did. And lo and behold, it was Mr.Newton himself, another huge street style master. He chatted with us for about 20 minutes and it was so refreshing to see how humble and cool he was. He's also amazingly talented and I hope to keep in touch when he comes back to Miami. IMG_4223loOkay, so if you read all this you are truly an Ohh Snap trooper, but hey it's not everyday that you meet four fashion influencers in the same day and in Miami.

*DSLR quality pictures compliments of Angeles
*Instagrams of me compliments of Ana