*PLL pics via ABC Family

True confession: I want to be a Pretty Little Liar. Well, not literally, but if acting were on my list of skills, this show would definitely be a dream contender. Can I just tell you how much I love this show? For starters, the cinematography is on point (there really isn't anything else on TV with such beautiful picture) and the suspense and ever-changing villains keep me so intrigued - sometimes to the point of being mildly scared when watching. Last night, the show aired its first-ever black and white episode titled "Shadow Play" paying a tribute to classic Old Hollywood films and film noir. Evolving characters into their vintage personas, writers maintained true to the current storyline and gave us a beautifully executed film noir experience.

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling take on a new life form and play a more dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic when in black and white, you simply pay attention to the beauty of the whole scenery more attentively. The show's costume designer, Mandi Line, mentioned she had such a fun time dressing the girls in mismatched colors and seeing their reactions to the mismatched looks in person, but seeing it all pan out flawlessly in black and white made it all worthwhile.

And since I had these pics handy from a shoot I did for my old job, I couldn't help but post them and pretend to be part of the PLL noir team (victory rolls and all).

*Photos by UDSphoto