It's quite noticeable, I've been experiencing quite the challenge making time to post on my blog. Given the nature of the industry of my new job, my weekdays and my weekends are equally busy. The reality of the situation is work has to come first and my blog second. Honestly, I'm pretty tough on myself when it comes to what I'd like to post on my blog because I'm selective about what I like to view on other sites and I don't want mine to be sub par. It makes my heart hurt to be so busy to create content but I'm still going to try my best to balance this equation. I'm certain I'm not the only one who faces these challenges and it's inspirational to know girls who are balancing a full-time job and blogging, so I absolutely know it's doable.

I was intrigued to share this because I always feel there has to be someone out there with these same feelings. Will anyone notice if I stop blogging altogether? Am I being tough on myself for no reason? What's the lifespan of a blogger who balances a full-time, non-blogging career? Is a working girl/blogger unappealing to brands?
These kinds of thoughts circulate way too often and I'd love to hear if anyone feels this way.

*Pics below: Taken with my iphone from my latest instagram posts: