*Boyfriend Photography
Hat: c/o Blind Color Hats, Shirt: HAIM Concert tee, Jeans: ASOS (old), Shoes: Vans (old) - similar, Glasses: Stella McCartney (in brown)

A few months ago I spotted a snapback very similar to this one on a friend of mine, Sebastian. The foil and embroidery on the brim was so exquisite and the emblem so cool and witty that I found myself having my first snapback crush. I honestly never eyed a snapback I had to have, till this one. Sebastian went out of his way to get me my very own and then let me in on his secret: BlindColor is part of the Abundance Crew.

BlindColorHats is the brainchild of designer Marcus James - a Wisconsin native who happened to make his way down to South Florida and just wanted to promote a simple yet positive message, "Good Day, Every Day" with his designer hats. Marcus and Sebastian (better known as BlueHart) connected via instagram and realized they were onto something joining forces to create a stronger message for Marcus' brand. Marcus and Sebastian are working diligently to create a movement for BlindColorHats in Miami. I admire both guys for spreading a message of joy and positivity and I encourage you to support a brand that does so. BlindColorHats will be launching their updated site on May 5th. Make sure to check them out.

About my outfit: Rocking my new Haim tee from Tuesday night's awesome show. I have a rule, never wear the band's tee to the show or as a friend of mine used to say, "Don't be that guy". But, after the fact it's definitely a cool keepsake.