*boyfriend photography
All lipsticks c/o Navarro Discount Pharmacy 
Every now and then I find myself coming up with new ways to keep stylish while maintaining an easy beauty regimen. Throughout my beauty and fashion experiments, I've always found that changing something so simple as a hairstyle and lip color can create a brand new look altogether. I decided to create a mini beauty story showing just that and all while keeping the same plain, black shirt to demonstrate the versatility of the changes solely based on hair and lip color. 

Look 1: beach waves and a vibrant mandarin lip color perfect for an easy, fresh, spring/summer look.

Look 2: a milkmaid braid and a bright pinkish color - named vivid rose - perfect for a boho/flower child inspired vibe.

Look 3: a twist on the beach waves by adding a French braid to frame the hair line. A soft, matte pink - named showy - did just the trick for a soft, feminine look.

Look 4: I like to think of buns as the go-to up do for all occasions. A true red lil color adds chic and glam all on its own.

Hope you enjoyed my first beauty story, I hope to work on more!