Karl Lagerfeld - Sneakers / Kenzo - Cap / Reed Krakoff - Boxer Mini / Nicholas Kirkwood - d'Orsay Pumps / Kate Spade - Pretty & Witty Candle

Growing up I always felt jipped when playing word association games that required matching a word to that of my first name's initial, K. Till this day, trying to make an alliteration that actually makes sense is still quite challenging! Kaleidoscope Karla? I think not. Oddly enough, I've always loved my anchor initial despite the trickiness. While in college I made it a point to introduce myself as "Karla with a K" because for one reason or another I felt the need to share my name's spelling wasn't "with a C" and eventually it just stuck. (Till people started calling me "Kar Gar".)

I confess I have many quirky moments and my ode to the "with a K" is definitely testament to that. I really love my initials written out and I find a quirky/powerful mix in monograms with a K. Typography has a way of saying so much by doing so little and is truly indicative of ones' style, and I happen to think K suits me just right. Coincidentally, some of my favorite designers have a "K" name and I just so happen to be crushing on all these K designer items, especially the Lagerfeld sneakers that resemble my New Balance 410's. How amazing are sneakers with a K?! Must have.