ohh so sartorial - Melanie

Sartorial savvy: Melanie
Occupation: Public Relations guru / blogger / writer
Style best described as: Classic, elegant and feminine, at times with a rustic, boho-chic feel.
Personal style mantra: I try to invest in signature pieces; I rather spend more and have less. I love vintage and the mystery and elegance that comes with it. I not so secretly wish I would have lived in my mom’s closet 20 years ago, but I also love new – it’s hip, fun and adventurous. I think a girl who wears a smile can make anything look good and confidence is effortlessly sexy and contagious. If I had to sum it all up I think being trendy is cool, but having the ability to mix old with new and inadvertently making it seem fresh – that’s style, and style kicks trend’s ass any day. Style is forever.

What I love about Melanie's style is her ability to accessorize any kind of look. I purposely asked her to choose two completely different outfits because I wanted to showcase her individuality in styling the two. There's so much character and effortless chic in the way she puts her looks together. I find it very interesting how she made the first look feel girly although there were some rougher, less feminine elements. The first picture shown above details her favorite accessories and usual go-to's for creating a signature look.