Wish You Were Here - MTLSF 12

IMG_8462lo IMG_8459lo IMG_8494lo IMG_8518lo IMG_8528lo IMG_8582lo IMG_8591lo IMG_8598loFun fact: Billy Idol shot a music video in Coral Castle, in 1987 IMG_8443lo*Miami: Through the Lens of Street Fashion - Week 12

This week we bring you a second look at Coral Castle, but this time we take a more touristy approach... a stylish and fun loving approach! Just like the explorer portrayed in these shots, Annie and I continue to visit new areas in exchange for beautiful imagery and fun experiences. We never skimp out on having fun when shooting these. Matter of fact, we laughed so hard as I tore my American Apparel leggings while sitting (spiderman-like) atop a coral lump to capture the third pic. Note to self: Coral Castle has real coral, that will rip your pants! (Thank god for long shirts, ha!)
If technology wasn't as worldly, we'd send you a postcard of the third image to read: "Wish you were here. PS. Karla tore her pants shooting this!" Shot in: Coral Castle, located at 28655 South Dixie Highway

Annie is wearing: J Brand jeans, WildFox tee, Marc Jacobs bag, Forever 21 scarf, MIA shoes, Vanity Gal skull bracelets