Last Night Fashion Bloggers - Did It- Best

IMG_6209loIMG_6134loIMG_6135loIMG_6143loIMG_6184loIMG_6168loIMG_6199loIMG_6246loIMG_6186loIMG_6176loIMG_6292loIMG_6188loIMG_6196loIMG_6270loIMG_6226loIMG_6191loIMG_6216loIMG_6222loIMG_6204loIMG_6281loIMG_6297loIMG_6312loIMG_6261loIMG_6152loIMG_6231loIMG_6244loIMG_6255loIMG_6315loIMG_6238loIMG_6248loLast night, Annie, Simonett and Eugenia hosted the most amazing blogger happy hour event at Ricochet Lounge in Midtown. The event was filled with the cutest bunch of fashionistas, bloggers, designers and creative professionals all in attendance to celebrate our growing fashion blogging community. Even, Brian Burkhardt (winner of Project Accessory, season 1) came out to join in on the fun! It's safe to say that we've never had an event of this sort and it was so impressive to see such an amazing turn out. The event was the perfect place to meet fellow bloggers, shop Gold Saturn, Betsy Moss, Fake Frivolity, and N&K Designs, while getting a stylish braid by the lovely ladies from Blo Midtown.

Amazing event girls! New York and LA, watch out... Miami fashion bloggers do it better!