Role Reversal

The unthinkable happened this weekend... I was actually a subject and not the photographer!

I had been looking to take new pics to have handy for my blog bio and social media avatars so I asked my awesome co-worker and friend, Christina Mateo, to help me with this. (Christy and I work here!)

In full pre-pro mode, I got my hair done and amped up my ombre (thanks Sandy Lee!), bought a cute new outfit, and thought it would be easy peasy to play model for a day... or was it? I'm not exaggerating when I say this - I am the most awkward subject EVER! Seriously. My confidence behind the camera was completely erased when in front of the lens. I became extremely nervous, fidgety, self conscious and awkward. Thank god for Christy who is a very talented and patient photographer for guiding me through this nightmare.

These are some of my faves after Christy managed to make me behave and focus. The robot dancing and muscle flexing are my idea of getting over my camera phobia, little did I know that she was snapping away lol.

Overall I think I get a "C-" as a subject, but Christy definitely gets an "A". I'm happy that she was able to see through my nervous antics and capture the real me, happy and silly and at times an extreme goofball.

To my cute, fashion blogger friends - I commend you for being confident and fabulous on all your outfit posts. It is harder than it seems.

And to those who think I look a-okay as a subject, thank you, but I'm sticking to my usual role as a photog!

*Pictures taken by Christina Mateo - my logo is on them just because they're on my site and it's my face, but don't be fooled these were shot by Christy. I can't wrangle a tripod and handle my nerves ALL by myself.