Catching up, with dance moves

Been a little busy in the last couple of weeks, but now I'm playing catch up!

Last week I really enjoyed hosting the Poshmark party along with my fellow blogger pals. It was so nice to meet the Poshmark team, you guys are awesome!
Here's a fun photobooth pic of me and all the Miami blogger co-hosts! pm

On Friday, I played reality TV star with Annie. Well, not really but it seemed that way considering we were walking, talking, laughing as Director of Photography, Sherman Johnson, circled around us capturing gorgeous footage of our every move. Truth is, I had the joy of playing sidekick to Annie on her one minute video for her partnership with Coach and their Fall Sunwear campaign. The video was directed by my BFF & award-winning Director, Fro Rojas. Video will air October 10th - stay tuned!

Behind the scenes pic of us after shooting (me, Fro, Annie & Mayleen) photo1And here's a testament to the true geek in me - I've been practicing my Napoleon Dynamite moves for years now and Fro & Sherman humor me way too much and actually filmed me while doing this. Fro also found the perfect song to match my fancy footwork, haha!