Holy Carnations

UD4_2121lo UD4_2134lo UD4_2124lo UD4_2100lo UD4_2183lo UD4_2207lo UD4_2253lo*photos by my lovely co-workers at UDS - Christy & Sofi - thank you guys!
*thank you Erica for the LOVE letters!

Sweatshirt: Prabal Gurung for Target, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Nine West - Boutique 9, Necklace: JcPenney (awesome, random find)

Happy Valentine's Day!
I must admit I did break my commitment of two outfit posts/week this week because I wanted to focus on making this one very special. Now you ask, why the carnations? Well, read on.

Two years ago my boyfriend and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day (this being our third). I'm sure you can agree with me on the fact that the first Valentine's is always a bit intimidating - you don't know what to get each other, you don't want to get something too mushy but you don't want to get something too impersonal, it's really a whirlwind of a lot of thoughts. Which brings me to our first Valentine's and my encounter with carnations.

On our first V-day my boyfriend so thoughtfully delivered flowers to my job as a surprise (plus points on the surprise). I'll never forget walking by the receptionist's desk at my job as she stopped me and said, "Wait Karla, these are for you." I glanced over to find a bouquet of red carnations and in a dumbfounded way replied, "For me?" and took the arrangement to my desk. I showed the arrangement to my friends and could only express myself by saying, "carnations, holy carnations" in substitution for holy ____. Being the over thinker that I am, tons of thoughts crossed my mind, "OMG, he doesn't know me at all because I hate carnations!", "OMG, he's not the one!", "OMG, carnations are funeral flowers!"... till I opened the card and read, "I love you baby, Ryan". I then sat and cried because this was actually the first time he told me I love you after 10 months of dating. Naturally it made up for the flowers, but I definitely did let him know never to send me these again and I googled pictures of hydrangeas over and over again to hint on future floral arrangements.

We joke about this day often and he tells me he's going to propose with tons of carnations in hand - so I guess when the day comes I'll know! We also say "holy carnations" whenever we see any. To be completely honest, I don't find them as horrifying anymore (must be the emotional tie).

Thought my Prabal for Target sweatshirt would be a great piece to tie this look and story together considering it is part of his "Love" collection. Hope you have a great day, even if you do get your least favorite flowers from your prince charming. At the end of the day, those things don't really matter if it's the right guy. (mush overload over!)