Spring tidings

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Blazer, Jeans, Shoes: Zara, Blouse: Nasty Gal, Necklace: JcP

Spring is quickly approaching and I love the wave of bright colors that comes along with it. Color is pretty synonymous with my style and personality and so naturally I love the opportunity to brighten up an ensemble. Not only are colors included in the seasonal transition, but a slight breeze lingers making days more bearable and nice enough to throw on a light jacket or blazer.

This outfit is my idea of comfortable, dressing up. The look says, "Hey, I'm dressy, but in a relaxed kinda way." I actually wore this look to speak at Career Day a few weeks ago. The 6th & 8th grade girls gave it their stamp of approval as some so kindly said to me, "I love the way you dress." (Sigh)