Plaid & Kicks

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*boyfriend photography

Shirt: Topshop, Flannel: F21 (old), Shorts: RACHEL Rachel Roy (now on sale!), Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Nike Blazer Mid, Bag: Phillip Lim (I realize it's time for a new "it" bag to make its way onto my blog - hopefully soon).

I want to wear a white tee and plaid around my waist just like Alexa Chung, and so I did. Boyfriend's initial thought re: this look, "why are you wearing that around your waist when it's so hot outside?" and I must admit he has a point but who cares?! Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting and to my defense (for the sake of being somewhat sane and rocking flannel mid Summer) it's not meant to be worn anywhere else so technically, I was not hot.

Climate aside, I'm on a major "tomboy chic" styling stage. I have pinned a ton of looks that match this kinda style and I really dig the aesthetic. I want to wear sneakers with skirts, leather skinnies and dresses - the 90's are back and it's awe-some.

I must give credit to my homegirl Sincerely Jules (one day we'll be bff's) for inspiring me to get on the sneaker kick (pun intended) and go totally swoon crazy for these. No one pulls off sneakers as cool as she does.