Take My Picture

TAKE MY PICTURE from GARAGE Magazine on Vimeo.

My dear friend, Director Fro Rojas, sent me an email yesterday titled: Interesting short documentary, with the above video attached. I love receiving and sharing interesting articles, videos, etc. so I immediately watched it and encourage you do so too.

Fashion Journalist, Tim Blanks opens up the dialogue by raising an interesting point as he touches upon what he considers an overwhelming amount of street photographers swarming the streets globally, and questions, "Is there some kind of use for the material they have created?" My response to Mr.Blanks - Absolutely.

Street style and blogging has created an entirely new form of dialogue within the fashion industry and its enthusiasts and surely built an awareness level that we all can benefit from. In my personal case, I've always had a natural love for fashion and photography but now I am easily exposed to brands, designers, and taste makers ALL because of blogs. The content I'm drawn to entices me to create and produce my own, which is why I blog with hopes of inspiring and relating to readers with similar interests. The number of contributors in the blogging community and photo market doesn't upset me, on the contrary - I think it's a positive way to view fashion through different curators' point of view. (It keeps the opinions from being one-sided.) Fashion like art, is subjective and this digital fashion era is a phenomenon indeed. And, while there is a plethora of photographers trying to snap pictures of the usual fashion faces: Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miroslava Duma, Caroline Issa, Anna Dello Russo, among others - can we blame them? Wouldn't you want your shot of the top players circulating the web and furthering your photography career as well? A street style image is even more beneficial to the designers making these collections, as noted by the Proenza Schouler boys who mentioned how personally satisfying is it to view circulating style images of their designs to gage how the audience is responding to their work.

Ultimately, I am a little biased on this subject because I do consider myself a player within this phenomenon and through it I have been able to contribute (even if ever so slightly) and develop my work. What bothers me most about this video is the highbrow perspective that there is a proliferation of blogs, oversaturating the market and cheapening the fashion experience, when in reality - it's only making it more accessible and renowned.

Only thing that really stuck out to me as silly was Anna Dello Russo's intentional loser laps (3:59) while getting her picture snapped by Tommy Ton.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this video and/or my post.