Now that's what I call 90's!

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I were invited to a friend's themed birthday party - the theme being freestyle 90's. Initially I thought it was just 90's and I considered going grunge (à la teen spirit) or "Clueless" preppy (Alicia Silverstone style minus the bird feeding), but then my boyfriend reassured me it was "freestyle" 90's. How the heck does one dress for "freestyle" 90's?! I immediately stressed out about what to wear as I always do when I don't have an outfit planned (I hate last minute outfit planning, I like to be prepared). Eventually I came to terms with wearing white wash jeans, multicolored Asics and a Le Tigre green jacket (that definitely made me feel a whole lotta 90's) but I still did the research and googled what "90's fashion" looked like. Lo and behold... many of the looks I found are things I would wear/own today. I hadn't really come to terms with the fact that we were (currently) revisiting the 90's till this moment and so I surfed onto Nasty Gal (one of my fave places to shop online) and found some looks that totally scream Pretty Woman, Mariah Carey, Kelly Kapowski and Blossom.
90s-190s---2 *all images via Nasty Gal