IMG_3397lo IMG_3392lo IMG_3407lo IMG_3417lo Taking pictures of my niece has been long overdue on my things to do list, believe it or not this is actually the first time I've shot her and she's already 8! I can't help but share these pics because it's so interesting to see how witty, smart and fashionable she is at such a young age. Lately, I find myself gravitating towards kids fashion because I have so many little ones around (family and friend's kids) and nothing is cuter than a well dressed kid. My niece, Charlie, has a fashionable eye and loves showcasing her style. (Guess the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree!)

Loved spending my Sunday capturing her beauty and personality. Let's talk about how cute her outfit is and how perfect it is for holiday season! Heck, I'd wear this outfit in adult size.