New York Minute

Last week I spent almost a whole week in New York City for work. We set up numerous photo sessions with our Miami clients and we all flew up to create beautiful shoots at the always gorgeous NYC. For me, there's something so refreshing about shooting somewhere else than ones' usual surroundings. Don't get me wrong, I love my city, but I also have a deep infatuation with the Big Apple and the picturesque views and locations the city has to offer.

I really hoped I would've had time for an outfit post while in the city but our work schedule didn't allow for it so all I can share from my trip are a few iphone pics that depict that even while traveling for work purposes, a girl can't help but smile while in such an enchanting place.

"Stopping" traffic in China Town
Posing on a Greenwich Village stoop - I fell in love with this neighborhood k1
Holding a flower crown for a client naturally means wearing it for a pic ;) (Central Park)
Being that girl who visits the exteriors of the Condé Nast Building in hopes of running into Ana Wintour or Grace Coddington - didn't happen knyc