Mara Hoffman - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014

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FINALLY getting around to sorting through some of my pictures from Swim Week and I'm excited to post some of my favorite moments on the blog in the coming days. Naturally, it makes sense that I would start with some images from the Mara Hoffman show because it's my ultimate favorite show. Mara Hoffman is truly a design goddess and I look forward to her prints like a kid in the candy store. Honestly any seat or spot in the room is a privilege because Mara's presentation is always magical. Her stellar design elements were fused with a sense of laid back coolness, high energy ethnic music and the most ornate yet fitting headpieces which so effortlessly swung as her models walked the runway (I recognized numerous who she repeated from last year's swim show).

For anyone who hasn't experienced a Mara Hoffman show: this is the show to go to. I rest my case.

*All pictures shot by me, Karla Garcia.
Please do not use without permission.